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You can divide the full website one time fee and pay it monthly up to 12 months with 0% interest.

Websites Solutions

Full Websites
Are you tired of searching for appropriate solutions to create a website for your business or charity because of the complexity of content management, it's expensive or may be a long implementation period!
Don't worry we have extensive experience in the market, we studied the needs of thousands of customers and have offered a whole set of Internet websites customised for your specifications and summarizing the needs of our customers.

Professional Design
We design with creative skills

Easy Editing
Easy & Simply to edit the content

Compatible with PCs, Tablets, Phones

Save Money
Very Affordable Prices

Free Support
Enjoy Free Email Support

1- Domain name

Open domain pricing

Close domain pricing

Domain Extensions Description Price
.com Commercial 15 CHF
.net Network 19 CHF
.org Organization 26 CHF
.xyz For anything 20 CHF
.me Montenegro 30 CHF
.co Colombia 45 CHF
.tv Tuvalu 55 CHF
.fm Micronesia 180 CHF
.cc Cocos Islands 26 CHF
.at Austria 28 CHF
.be Belgium 23 CHF
.dk Denmark 25 CHF
.fi Finland 31 CHF
.fr France 55 CHF
.de Germany 18 CHF
.gr Greece 30 CHF
.is Iceland 75 CHF
.ie Ireland 46 CHF
.it Italy 23 CHF
.lu Luxembourg 36 CHF
.nl Netherlands 18 CHF
.no Norway 25 CHF
.pl Poland 40 CHF
.pt Portugal 33 CHF
.es Spain 21 CHF
.se Sweden 37 CHF
.ch Switzerland 25 CHF
.uk United Kingdom 22 CHF United Kingdom 22 CHF
.ru Russia 25 CHF
.ae UAE 66 CHF
.ly Libya 135 CHF
.sd Sudan 75 CHF
.ps Palestine 80 CHF
.estate Real Estate 50 CHF
.events Events 50 CHF
.shop Shop 55 CHF
.store Store 90 CHF
.doctor Doctor 140 CHF
.news News 40 CHF
.tech Technology 80 CHF
.photography Photography 35 CHF
.life Life 50 CHF
.online Online 60 CHF
.site For anything 50 CHF
.media Media 50 CHF
.club Club 25 CHF
.guru Guidance 50 CHF
.world World 50 CHF
.global Global 110 CHF
.space Space 40 CHF
.press Press 110 CHF
.coupons Coupons 80 CHF
.deals Deals 50 CHF
.delivery Delivery 80 CHF
.gifts Gifts 50 CHF
.taxi Taxi 80 CHF
.clinic Clinic 80 CHF
.dentist Dentist 60 CHF
.health Health 110 CHF
.finance Finance 80 CHF
.loan Loan 50 CHF
.directory Directory 35 CHF
.guide Guide 50 CHF
.agency Agency 35 CHF
.center Center 35 CHF
.engineer Engineer 50 CHF
.design Design 80 CHF
.graphics Graphics 35 CHF
.construction Construction 50 CHF
.travel Travel 170 CHF

2- Website and hosting packages

  • Blog
    To share your ideas, stories, and photographs with your followers.

  • 499 CHF / One time
    99 CHF / Annual renewal
  • Free .ch or .com
  • 1GB Storage
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • 4 Emails
  • Basic
    To promote your business, organization, or brand and connect with your audience.

  • 999 CHF / One time
    199 CHF / Annual renewal
  • Free .ch or .com
  • 2GB Storage
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • 8 Emails
  • Portfolio
    To present your creative projects in a visual showcase.

  • 999 CHF / One time
    199 CHF / Annual renewal
  • Free .ch or .com
  • 2GB Storage
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • 8 Emails
  • Online store
    To sell your products or services and accept payments.

  • 1999 CHF / One time
    399 CHF / Annual renewal
  • Free .ch or .com
  • 6GB Storage
  • 60GB Bandwidth
  • 12 Emails
We charging one time fee to develop and design your website.

if you looking for another type of the website, Click here

3- SSL Certificates

Now SSL Certificates are necessary for every Website they encrypt data sent by clients to you, Moreover, it enhances your site's ranking in Google.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL

It's a basic SSL Certificate with quick installation on your website, and it's very important to protect your customers data.

99 CHF / Year

Extended Validation (EV) SSL

It shows your company name and country code beside your domain to proof for your website visitors you are a registered company or NGO.

299 CHF / Year

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